KCTMO stripped of Grenfell Tower management control

The Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) will no longer be responsible for the management of the Lancaster West estate, of which the fire-gutted Grenfell Tower is part.

The news was confirmed by Prime Minister Theresa May, who met with local residents in a private meeting held yesterday (Tuesday, 22 August) to discuss their concerns in the aftermath of the blaze, which has claimed at least 80 lives.

Ms May described the meeting as ‘dignified’ and ‘respectful’ and said she was ‘pleased’ to inform those attending that KCTMO has been stripped of its management duties. She said:

“The tenant management organisation has been one of the issues the tenants have been very concerned about. I was able to tell them that the TMO will no longer have responsibility for the Lancaster West housing estate.”

The PM said many specific issues had been raised by residents, which she has addressed with the Kensington & Chelsea Council leader Elizabeth Campbell. One of the residents’ key concerns was about the emergency funding and how it could reach those affected by the fire. Ms May commented:

“One of the issues that came out last night was about the charitable money that had been donated and ensuring that that system is working properly to get that through to people.

“Obviously the Charities Commission and others have been involved in ensuring that that is happening.”