Benefits and uses of a garden room

Restriction of living space within a home is an obstacle which many can relate to. This is often one of the reasons home buyers tend to move. When extending upwards, outwards or sideways isn’t an option, consider developing the outdoors instead. Lidget Compton explain how a pre-fabricated garden room is a great solution for additional space and will add value to any property big or small.

Garden office
Depending on what purpose the buyer intend to use the additional space for, you can make use of the flexibility of a garden room’s design and structure. Varied shapes and sizes of windows will let natural light into room and leave an airy open feel. This is particularly beneficial when the space is being transformed into an office setting as natural sources of light are proven to encourage the brain to focus. Self-employment is becoming increasingly popular, which often demands the need for a quiet office area away from interruptions in order to work from home.

Home Fitness
With fitness getting more prominent, it is worth looking into catering to the buyers need to be more beneficial. A garden room will give you just the right amount of space to host various equipment whether it be a cross trainer and weights bench or a few mats for practicing yoga. In this day and age’s lifestyle, this makes fitness easy and convenient without even having to move the car off the drive.

Hobby Room
A place that could act as a retreat to escape from an often busy everyday life, would be an added luxury extra that the customer could be looking for. Whether it be for music, crafting, table tennis, gaming or simply a room to catch up on some quiet reading the options are endless with a garden building. Utilities can be connected to make the area fully functional all year round with no need for an expensive extension. Lighting, heating and of course plug sockets can all be installed just as it would be in your home itself.

Lidget Compton based in the heart of Yorkshire, is an industry leader in concrete garage manufacturing and pride themselves on the design and functionality of their products. Their extensive range offers various sectional garages, concrete buildings and garden rooms to suit the needs and requirements of every household.