City centre living has reached an all time high as Liverpool transforms into a true modern Metropolis

The population of most major cities throughout the UK has more than doubled over the past 20 years, particularly in the north as people are increasingly relocating to escape the extortionate prices from the South. Urban living now sits at the top of the list for youngster’s keen to avoid escalating rents in the search of affordability, convenience and practicality.

Manchester and Liverpool in particular have seen an increase in investment since the turn of the millennium, not to mention the boost in Liverpool’s economy since the European Capital of Culture in 2008 which generated £753.8m for the local economy which leaves the city in the limelight as a rapidly regenerating region. Transforming into a truly modern metropolis, Liverpool is arguably unrecognisable compared to twenty years ago.

Upmarket bars, luxurious housing developments and innovative office blocks have amplified the desire to relocate to the thriving hive of activity, whilst attracting a new type of resident as a result of the diverse population enticed by the bright lights of the urban city life.

Since 2002, the number of people living in the Liverpool city centre has almost tripled from 9,100 people to 25,600 people in 2015 when Centre for Cities compiled their most recent data to assess Liverpool’s growing trends and spike in population. Outlining an increase of 181 per cent which makes Liverpool the fastest growing city in all the UK.

Regeneration initiatives in areas such as the Baltic Triangle and Albert Dock, have witnessed a huge level of investment over recent years acting as a magnet for a rising number of inhabitants keen to reap the advantages of living in a burgeoning district.

Student population across the city has also risen which has had a favourable effect on graduates choosing to retain in the city, pushing the demand for housing up, and providing investors with fabulous opportunities to capitalise on the growing market.

Three years ago, the latest recorded data suggests Liverpool has the 12th highest graduation retention rate in the UK, which could be as a result of the increase in the job markets as young professionals aim to seek the best employment options on the completion of their studies. Liverpool was proudly named the country’s top city to find a job in 2017, pushing London into third place.

Liverpool has dominated the property sector and established itself as a key player of the Northern Powerhouse initiative. For a city that is turning heads in the investment industry, it has risen to the top, stimulating masses of attention to the emerging North West cosmopolitan giant. Emerging cranes and scaffolding are littering the skyline with plans to create new student and residential properties.

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On the whole, Liverpool is a robust market acquiring a continuous hike to its economy, population and property market, all working in sync to hold on tight to Liverpool’s infamous reputation as one of the most profitable UK property investment hotspots in the UK.