Housing Day – John Wilson’s story of how Extra Care Housing boosted his wellbeing

For 79-year-old John Wilson, moving in to Rosewell House Extra Care Housing Scheme helped him to get moving again and even enabled him to bring his dog with him.

“Before moving in to Rosewell House, I was living in High Brooms in Tunbridge Wells but it was no longer suitable. There were steep concrete stairs down to the flat and I became so unsteady on my feet that I fell down them. I couldn’t get myself up and that was the last straw. My family said I had to find somewhere else, so that’s how Rosewell House came about.

“I used to love football and running but I’m not so good on my feet now, which is why I kept falling in my old place. But since being here, I’ve only fallen once and that was when I was out at Hastings.

“For me, it was great that I could bring my dog of 13 years, Beth, too. I wouldn’t have moved if I couldn’t take her with me. I think we are probably both a bit more relaxed now we’re here, as she used to struggle with the stairs too. Now I’m on one level and there is lift access throughout the building.”

“I was a bit isolated before but that is never the case here, there is always someone to chat to. We’re a bit like a family really, I suppose it’s the people that make it what it is. I can’t fault it at all here, the independence is great and I my family are over the moon for me too, even if it is a bit further for them to come to visit!”

Jackie Little, Housing Officer at Rosewell House commented:

“It’s been great to see how John’s wellbeing as improved since being here, as is the case with many of our residents.

Extra care housing does a great job of providing older people with the appropriate levels of support, while encouraging their independence, often resulting in improved movement and general health and wellbeing.”