How the latest access control systems improve your residents’ wellbeing

Housing providers are being called upon to guarantee healthier homes for tenants, in a review commissioned by the Centre for Ageing Better.

But what exactly is a ‘healthy’ home? According to the Good Home Inquiry, it’s defined as secure, accessible and connected to the outside world (both physically and digitally), contributing to the physical and mental wellness of residents.

But a recent Housing Management & Maintenance survey found that 47% of housing professionals and landlords believe that homes have become less healthy in the past decade. Plus, 35% of respondents said less than half of their current housing stock could be classified as ‘healthy’.¹

Installing the latest door entry technology can improve building usability and elevate the tenant experience. Keep reading to discover three ways in which Intratone’s wireless property management portfolio enhances accessibility, security and connectivity for residents, helping to create healthier homes for all…

1. Answer the door – from anywhere!

Powered by GSM, or the ‘Global System of Mobile Communications’, Intratone’s wireless intercoms remove the need for handsets in every residence. Instead, tenants can grant building access to visitors through their landline or mobile phone – a huge benefit for those with mobility issues. Plus, shortcodes can also be added to intercoms, allowing visitors like health professionals to enter the building without the resident needing to let them in. Helping to minimise day-to-day disturbances.

2. Accessibility for all

Integrated features like direct dialling, braille backlit keypads and audio induction loops help make building entry even more seamless for tenants and their guests. Meanwhile pinhole video cameras provide peace of mind that their residence is secure by allowing them to first check who is at the door before granting entry.

3. Simplified property management

By connecting to a secure, online, remote management system, Intratone’s intercoms also streamline workloads for housing professionals. With all residence information in one place housing managers can complete simple admin tasks and oversee property access in real-time, without needing to be on-site. This not only gives residents reassurance that the building is secure, but also frees up housing managers’ time to focus on other tenant wellbeing initiatives.

Innovative, wireless intercom systems, like Intratone’s SC-03, make building access control easier to use for tenants of every age and ability. All while simplifying property management for housing professionals.

Discover how you can update your buildings’ access control to contribute to healthier homes for everyone. Visit today.

¹The importance of healthy homes, Housing Management & Maintenance, 2022