Johnstone’s Trade launches ‘ultimate defence’ against wear and tear on interior trim

Johnstone’s Trade today launches Aqua Guard, their most durable water based satin paint to date. This new, durable water based paint has been specifically designed to defend interior wood and metal surfaces against scratches, wear and tear and greasy finger marks in high traffic areas.

Interior wood and metal surfaces are often vulnerable to stains, scratches and grease in areas where the paint surface has softened, leaving surfaces open to regular redecorating and maintenance. However, with innovative Surface Protection technology, Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard creates a defensive barrier to ensure a long-lasting and premium finish. This unique technology helps extend the maintenance cycle of a building, providing a high-quality finish for longer and prolonging the time between redecoration.

David Baines, technical specification manager at PPG, explained:

“We know that good design is about how the building makes occupants feel on a day to day basis, and this is becoming a bigger consideration for clients awarding tenders for projects.”

“Specifying coatings such as Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard, which will look clean and fresh for longer, will contribute to the overall long-term aesthetic of a building as well as reduce the lifetime cost of maintenance.”

Not only is Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard durable, it also has advanced application properties with excellent covering power and long-lasting whiteness. The water based technology, with quick drying and low odour qualities, also means that end clients don’t have to worry about lingering paint smells.

The new product sits within the already well-established Aqua Water Based Collection from Johnstone’s Trade, which offers high-quality water based alternatives to traditional solvent based paints. Each product provides the application and feel of a solvent based product, while delivering the benefits of a water based coating.

Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard is now available on NBS Plus as well as the National BIM Library.