Make resident communication smarter, faster and more inclusive

Intratone’s brand-new Interactive Digital Noticeboard empowers housing managers to easily keep tenants informed and engaged, with no site visits or paper notices required!

At Intratone we understand that, for Housing Associations, connecting with tenants is crucial. Both to keep them informed of the latest building updates such as maintenance schedules, and to gather feedback that enhances service delivery and helps build a sense of community.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Interactive Digital Noticeboard. Created to connect housing providers and residents like never before, our new noticeboard is a digital-first solution that removes the need for time-intensive site visits and untidy paper flyers.

With its unique survey function, housing managers can easily pose questions to tenants – who then vote by placing their key fobs on the built-in proximity reader. It’s a simple and hassle-free way to collect feedback and, as the Interactive Digital Noticeboard is managed remotely, this can all be achieved without housing managers being on-site.
Messages and surveys can be set up in minutes via our secure online management system, and housing managers can choose to use one of our preloaded templates or their own files. Notices can be set to broadcast immediately or at a specific time, in all buildings or just a select few. Plus, tenants can easily scroll through multiple announcements or polls using the integrated display buttons.

With a 10mm thick safety glass screen, streamlined design and integrated security screws, the vandal-resistant Interactive Digital Noticeboard has been built to stand the test of time too. Durable, easy-to-use and inclusive, our new noticeboard helps enable a mutually beneficial dialogue between Housing Associations and their residents.

Meet the future of resident communication – discover Intratone’s Interactive Digital Noticeboard today. Visit our website, or get in touch to find out more.