Minibems fits the bill

Complimenting their heat network technology and services, Minibems offer metering and billing solutions that are designed for easy integration in existing or new build developments, while also providing synergy with their heat network performance system.

Offering the ultimate in flexibility, Minibems credit and pre-payment billing options can be switched remotely depending on building requirements and residents’ circumstances. The system can also be set so that vulnerable residents are never left without heating or hot water. Minibems also make it easy for residents to make payments and keep their heating on, meaning customer satisfaction is high and ongoing management is hassle-free for building operators.

Real-time payments

Minibems operates a real-time payment system where credits made are applied to the controller instantly and these can be made via the Pingit App, EPay cash or card payments, Direct debit or Standing order. Credit billing customers receive bills on a monthly or quarterly basis, and these are based on actual meter readings, as per the requirements of the Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014. All billing customers can view their current balance online or via the in-home Minibems touch screen display.

Prepayment system

A popular choice for social housing providers, the Minibems prepayment system continuously adjusts the residents balance according to heat usage and automatically shuts off the supply if there is no available credit. Top-ups can be made quickly using cash, card or online payment and credit is applied instantly.

An amount of emergency credit can be applied to prepayment tariffs so that the resident is not shut off at zero balance, allowing them some time to make a payment. The friendly credit feature can be applied so that the resident is not shut off during weekends or out of office hours when they are unable to top-up or get support and advice.

Resident helpdesk

In order to fully support residents with any billing, payment or heating queries, Minibems provide a friendly and experienced helpdesk that residents can call to resolve any issues. They also receive a customer handbook containing useful information about the heat network system when they move in.

Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014

Building owners and operators must ensure that their developments meet the requirements of the Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014, which currently stipulate that final customer meters must be fitted along with point of entry meters in new build heat network developments and most major refurbishment projects. In addition, customers must be billed using actual meter readings, rather than estimates, and billing information must be clear and informative.

These regulations are currently under public consultation for the revised methodology for assessing the cost effectiveness of metering for district and communal heat networks. Following this consultation, BEIS intends to amend the Regulations and launch the associated revised cost effectiveness tool. Once the Regulations have been amended and the revised tool published, heat suppliers will be obligated to carry out the cost-effectiveness assessment and install meters where required within a specified compliance period. Minibems offer advice and guidance to building owner/operators to ensure they meet with these regulations.

With innovation and efficiency at the heart of everything they do, Minibems is advancing heat networks. Contact Minibems to discover how this unique technology can be integrated into your next new build or retrofit heat network project.