National Landlord Index – Majority of landlords optimistic about house prices in 2021 but many concerned with long-term effects of Brexit

The National Landlord Index published by, has uncovered that nearly half (46%) of landlords in the UK believe that Brexit will have a negative effect on house prices in the long-term. With the property market just starting to recover from the global pandemic the true impact of Brexit, if there is one, hasn’t been seen yet.

The index did however reveal some positive news as the majority (66%) of landlords expect house prices to rise in 2021 as the world starts to return to a new normal. As the UK begin to see the benefits the vaccination has on the economy it is expected that the housing market will also see a positive impact after the turbulence of last year.

As the UK adapts to the new normal the index also delved into whether landlord have been deterred from investing in cities due to the pandemic, but a vast majority (76%) are still keen to seek urban opportunities over rural ones. The majority of UK landlords still see property as a buoyant sector and a safe place to invest in the long-term even offers landlords an award-winning unique hybrid model, using a combination of market leading tech and on the ground agents with local knowledge and expertise. It has proven to be a winning formula for both landlords and tenants across the UK. The flexible model means the agency can quickly learn and adapt to national trends and demands across the rental sector.

Aaron Short, Founder and CEO at, added, “We are always listening to our landlords and tenants to ensure our proposition remains current and reflects the needs of the market and this is why the National Landlord Index remains so important. Understanding how landlords perceive the market and what impact COVID and Brexit are having will determine the shape of the future lettings market. It is great to see landlords positive about the market this year and this certainly mirrors the growth we have seen at

At we have been at the forefront of updating this archaic industry and we believe our award-winning model offers tenants and landlords the best solution in the current market.”