NHF calls on sector to adopt its tenant engagement charter

The National Housing Federation is asking all English housing associations to adopt its new resident engagement charter and make themselves more accountable to their tenants.

Together with Tenants, was an initiative set up in response to the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. It is the centrepiece of a four-point plan aimed at ensuring HA boards are properly accountable.

The four steps are:

  • a new requirement in the NHF’s code of governance for board accountability (a new version of the code is due to be published in November);
  • the new Together with Tenants charter, which lists six pledges for housing associations in a bid to ensure residents have a more consistent experience of dealing with their landlord;
  • reporting publicly and to residents about progress against the charter; and
  • a requirement to pass information to the Regulator of Social Housing where necessary.

Since the Together with Tenants programme was launched in draft form in early 2019, 130 housing associations have become early adopters. They say their experience is that this led to clearer, more collaborative decision-making.

The NHF has promised to support landlords and tenants to share what is and what is not working under the scheme.

By Patrick Mooney, Editor