Obtaining your local area information

Information on your local area is now easy to obtain and understand thanks to a new tool by CIA Landlord Insurance. The local area statistics calculator provides up to date information on the average property prices and crime rates in your area. Gathered using the Police and Land Registry APIs, the information provided includes a breakdown of the values of different property types and a list of the most common criminal offences. It accounts for real time updates as well, allowing you to compare differences in average prices and crime rates over days, months and years.

Using your I.P. address or a manually entered postcode, the calculator can find information for any area of Great Britain. This allows you to search for information on your area, neighbouring areas and locations further afield, that you may be looking to relocate to. The information shown then allows you to make informed decisions about whether areas you are moving to are safe, over or under priced or unnecessarily expensive or cheap, depending on the crime to property value ratios.

The calculator can be found on the CIA website and is free to use for all.