Pendock metal boxing conceals and protects exposed pipework

When exterior or interior pipework, building services and other utilities need concealing and protecting against accidental damage or vandalism, the Pendock Profiles range of metal pipe boxing provides a tough and aesthetic solution.

Used with low carbon district heating scheme and air-source or ground-source heat pumps Pendock metal boxing is bespoke manufactured to individual project specifications from 2mm aluminium, as standard and is available in two styles. CHM is a three-sided channel profile, for securing to a single flat surface, while the MXM is a two-sided 90-degree design for fixing to adjacent surfaces, such as walls and ceilings.

CHM and MXM profiles are also used to conceal fire sprinkler supply pipework mounted in open balconies, or externally to flats, to provide added security and weather resistance. In addition, as our metal boxing is non-combustible, it is used in high rise residential blocks to conceal interior sprinkler pipework, where no sprinkler heads are present, such as communal areas.

Usually supplied with a PPC finish, which can be selected from any RAL colour to blend in or contrast with the surroundings, the metal boxing profiles are available in lengths of up to 4.0 metres, as standard. Other lengths and material thicknesses are available on request, as well as options to include perforations and hinged access hatches.

A range of dedicated accessories is available for both the CHM and MXM metal boxing, which includes internal and external corners, stop ends, and joint covers, as well as fixing angles, button vents and TEK fixings, which can be colour coded if required.

Metal boxing is part of the Pendock Profiles range of pipe boxing and casings, which includes pre-formed plywood pipe boxing and fire sprinkler boxing, as well as boiler pipe casings. A range of technical information is available online including PDF and DWG drawings as well as NB specification clauses.