Pipe boxing versatility from Pendock

When exposed pipework or services needs to be concealed quickly & easily in social housing projects, the Pendock Profiles range of products is one of the most comprehensive and cost effective available.

MX and TK pipe boxing can be used in most general applications to conceal interior pipework, such as small bore heating system and larger diameter waste pipes, while MXF boxing is a dedicated solution for covering fire sprinkler systems and is helping speed fire safety improvement projects across the UK.

For exterior pipework that could be at from the risk of damage or tampering, our CHM/MXM metal pipe boxing is designed to enclose and protect building services, as well as utilities associated with low carbon district heating schemes and air source or ground source heat pump installations.

In addition, as Pendock Profiles metal boxing is non-combustible, it is also used to conceal retrofitted interior sprinkler pipework in tower blocks where there are no sprinkler heads, such as communal areas, to help comply with fire safety requirements.

Concealing boiler pipework, valves, regulators and filters is equally simple with the specialised BC boiler casings range, while the three-sided CH channel pipe boxing is also used for covering interior pipework in mid-wall, vertical and horizontal applications, as well as ceiling level.

All products are manufactured from pre-formed plywood, except for the CHM / MXM metal boxing, and are supplied pre-finished in durable melamine. This removes the need for on-site fabrication or painting, which saves time and money, allowing Pendock Profiles boxing to be fitted in around half the time of site-made alternatives.