Redoing your driveway: Things to know, and why it’s a good idea

If your house has been looking a little tired recently, then don’t underestimate how much a new driveway could transform your home’s image. Your driveway is the first impression that people get of your house, and can have a significant impact on your sale price if you’re thinking of selling.

Why Should I Get It Done?

Even if your house is modern and well looked after, an old, minimally landscaped driveway full of cracks and potholes can take away from the beauty of your home.

Not only that, but an uneven driveway can cause damage to your car. Small cracks in their beginning stages aren’t a problem, but as the years go by and the cracks expand, they will begin to cause more and more issues.

Potholes are another problem entirely, and regularly driving over them will risk causing damage to your car’s tires, suspension and bodywork. If you’re using your driveway once or twice a day, then the consequences will soon become obvious.

Now you’ve decided to redo your driveway, you probably want to be as prepared as possible before work can begin. Here are some things to consider as you get started:


You’ll probably have a pretty clear budget in mind when planning for your new driveway, so it’s worth talking to a number of different contractors to see who can offer what you’re looking for, so you can get the best price.

If you’re able to, you can lower the cost by doing some of the labor yourself. Some people choose to do a DIY demolition of their driveway, taking away all of the old materials so that contractors have a blank canvas to work with.


You have a great flexibility of materials to choose from when redoing your driveway, and your contractor may be able to advise you of what would work best for you. Asphalt is a great, high quality type of paving to use, as it’s smooth, comfortable and hard-wearing.

As asphalt pavement material is precisely engineered, you should carefully measure out the amount you need to do the job beforehand. You can easily use the Asphalt Paving Calculator to find out how much hot mix asphalt you need on your next paving job, saving you the hassle of ordering too little or too much.


The weather has a huge effect on how quickly your project will be done, so timing is key. Rain will put a hold on the later stages of the project, so it’s best to schedule work on your new driveway for the summer months.

Extreme heat and cold aren’t ideal for materials like concrete, so this is something to consider depending on where you live.


Driveways can last for years, but regular upkeep is essential. Even materials that are incredibly durable will require maintenance every so often, so this is something that you have to be prepared for. If your driveway has gravel or paving stones, then make sure you keep hold of some for future use.