Shelforce – saving Local Authorities money

A leading manufacturer of PVCu windows and doors based in Birmingham is continuing its legacy of saving Local Authorities money on building projects.

Shelforce specialises in providing high-quality products to local authority building projects, including social housing, around the country.

The company, which is situated on the outskirts of Erdington, is Birmingham City Council’s chosen manufacturer of choice and they have a reputation for providing quality products for local authority projects and finishing them on time and within budget.

For Local Authorities that want to save money, Shelforce’s Eurocell Eurologik profile system not only offers high performance but huge value for money too.

The advanced six-chambered system and innovative PVC-U Thermal Inserts work together to lock in heat which maximises thermal performance making the window incredibly energy efficient. This means that a cheaper glass unit can be used, and the window will still achieve an ‘A+’ energy rating.

The slim, six-chambered outer frame costs no more than the standard Eurologik outer frame too, so there is no cost barrier to installing the highest energy efficiency-rated profiles.

Sustainability is also a big consideration for Shelforce, and the company uses new profiles made from recycled material from unwanted PVC-U frames thanks to Eurocell’s very own recycling plant.

Shelforce have also been leading the way in inclusivity when it comes to training and employment opportunities in the glazing industry, with 75 per cent of its workforce disabled.

All the above are why Shelforce’s Business Manager Howard Trotter believes the company are such an attractive proposition for local authorities. Howard said:

“The local authority market is perfect for us for a number of reasons. Councils are always looking at how they can save money and we can do that for them thanks to our quality, delivery and price. This value engineering means that the money saved can then go straight back into the local authority to be reinvested elsewhere.

“It is also much easier for us to process local authority projects as they are not labour intensive. Thanks to our flexibility and quick lead times we ensure that every project is always on time.

“Our team are hugely experienced at what they do and most have been in the industry for almost 20 years. Our quality products, price and delivery have allowed us to stand toe-to-toe with other companies and win more business.”

One of the current projects Shelforce have been working on is Adelaide Tower. Managed by Birmingham City Council, the retirement housing high rise is currently being transformed, and Shelforce installed 221 windows for the project, which is being delivered by lead contractor Wates Living Space.

Martin Tolley of Birmingham City Council commented:

“We have a valued partnership with Shelforce and their work has been very impressive. They have also saved us money and, as a Local Authority, this has been hugely beneficial.

“But more than that, Shelforce’s social values line up with our own. Investing in the future by helping young adults of all abilities take their first steps into the workplace, as well as supplying the highest quality products to allow citizens to enjoy a comfortable and safe home, is what we are striving for.”

For more information call Shelforce on 0121 603 5262 or visit