Snickers ‘FLEXIWork’ clothing – better working clothes that really make a difference

While Fabric, Functionality and Fit have always been hallmarks of Snickers’ working clothes, it’s the innovation and technology in the design of FLEXIWork garments that really sets them apart from other brands.

They’re designed for fast-paced working environments with body-mapping designs that ensure superior freedom of movement on site.

There’s Waterproof Jackets, Fleeces, T-shirts and Hoodies plus market-leading WorkTrousers made from a durable, stretch and rip-stop fabric and polyamide reinforcements.

As well as fashionable looks, all these clothes are packed with comfort and functionality, specially designed for professional craftsmen who are always on the go, always delivering top class work and always a step ahead on site.

Designed for professionals who rely on their gear in demanding environments, they’re a must for everyone who takes a pride in their work on site.

To get more information on Snickers’ FLEXIWork working clothes, visit the website at where you can download a digital catalogue – or call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788.