Summer is the best time to replace your radiators

It’s easy to forget about your radiators if they are working just fine. And why would you worry when they are one of the most reliable appliances in your home? Radiators (as boilers) can last for years and years without needing to be replaced, but that doesn’t mean they will forever be efficient! 

If you are wondering whether it’s already time to replace your radiators, this is the post for you.  

How to know it’s time to replace your radiators 

There isn’t an easy answer to how often your radiators should be replaced, but the consensus is that if you start to feel that your radiators are not heating enough – or not heating at all – it could be time for a change. However, it is always best to consult with a gas engineer. They should be able to check whether it’s just your heaters being too old for the job, or if there’s something more serious going on with your boiler or pipes. 

But of course, you don’t need to wait for your radiators to break down to replace them. For example, you may want to improve your bills by installing more modern and efficient heaters. You could also be looking to redecorate and add value to your property by changing the radiators. Or maybe you simply don’t know how old your radiators are and want to avoid a sudden breakdown in the cold months.

Why summer is the best time to replace your radiators

If you have made up your mind that your radiators need replacement, it’s important for you to know that summer is the best time of the year to do so. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Replacing your heating system when it’s warm

Replacing your heating system takes time, usually from one to three days, during which you will not be able to use it. If you are anything like us, you will presumably not want to spend one to three days freezing in your home during the cold winter months, while your radiators are being upgraded. But, if you live in the UK, your summers should be warm enough for you to go without central heating or hot water – even for a couple of days!

Engineers are less busy in summer

Engineers tend to be really busy from autumn till the end of winter. Of course, these are the months when the most incidents and emergencies happen, so it may be hard to get a hold of a gas engineer just when you need them. However, in summer the number of heating and boiler emergencies drop dramatically, so engineers find themselves with less work and more time in their hands. And therefore, it should be easier for you to book an appointment that works around your schedule, and not just theirs. 

You will have plenty of time to choose the perfect design

When an accident happens and you find yourself without central heating in low temperatures, it’s easy to find yourself picking whichever radiator you can find asap just to sort the problem. Conversely, if you are replacing your radiators in summer, you should have all the time you need to make the best-informed decision regarding your new radiators.

At the same time, during the summer months the prices for both electrical and gas radiators go down, and it’s easy to find deals to help you with the investment. We recommend checking out Trade Radiators who often have great deals and special offers as well as stocking a large range of radiators and heated towel rails.