Thinkers wanted: call for entrants for Lambert Smith Hampton Enterprise Award

Lambert Smith Hampton believe that the property industry is ideally placed to shape the country’s future for the better, with the power to transform places, support businesses and improve lives.

The Government’s plans for greater devolution are an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of the UK, and the property sector has a crucial role to play.

The Lambert Smith Hampton Enterprise Award aims to encourage enterprising, creative and inspiring thinking from the industry to address one of the most exciting property challenges for a generation.

This year, entrants are invited to consider how the property industry can better support devolved government, drawing on the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill introduced in the recent Queen’s speech.

To win the £15,000 Lambert Smith Hampton Enterprise Award, entrants must respond to the following brief:

“The new Government will deliver further devolution throughout the UK, aiming to empower local communities to drive growth, job creation and regeneration. How can innovative thinking from the property industry help make devolved government a success?”

This is a deliberately open question and entrants are encouraged to interpret it however they see fit. As food for thought, you might want to consider the following:

  • How could wider local powers support job creation and sustainable growth?Could more local power help support regeneration initiatives?
  • How could devolution support economic growth in your area?
  • How could devolution support investment in infrastructure?How can local autonomy deliver new roads, rail links, bridges and communications infrastructure that support high-quality jobs?
  • What might this mean for the future funding of local public services?
  • How could greater local autonomy ease pressure on local housing markets?How could a more powerful local authority unlock new development sites?
  • What should be done to encourage housebuilding in the public and private sectors?

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