Viessmann launches national weather compensation campaign to tie in with the heating season

The campaign has been brought to life on the radio as weather compensation is recommended as one of many efficiency-boosting options by television broadcaster and builder Tommy Walsh.

Monday 23rd September marked the first working day of autumn, and the beginning of Viessmann’s national campaign to raise awareness of weather compensation technology.

The leading heating manufacturer conducted a nationwide survey of 2,000 homeowners to find out what prompts them to adjust their heating systems during the colder months. The results were shared with national and consumer media just as temperatures start to tumble and the public’s attention turns towards heating its homes.

The research revealed that in spite of increasingly sophisticated weather forecasting and new, readily available adaptive heating technologies, 94 per cent of the British public is still waiting to feel the cold before adjusting its heating.

Viessmann concluded that 94 per cent of people adjust their heating systems only when they feel a change in temperature; a potentially costly strategy as Viessmann’s marketing manager, Darren McMahon explains;

“As all heating professionals know, whacking up the heating as soon as a cold snap hits means the boiler has to work that much harder to get the whole house and building fabric to the desired temperature – much more so than if it is on constantly. At the same time, should a homeowner forget to turn their heating down when temperatures rise outdoors, they are using energy they don’t need; a negative outcome for both their utility bills and the environment.”

Viessmann’s campaign presents weather compensation technology as the answer to keeping up with the changeable British weather. The Smartphone-sized sensor costs just £60, and could have a payback period of less than 12 months as the technology can return additional gas savings over the life of the boiler of up to 15 per cent per annum.

The control works with a small outdoor sensor automatically adjusting the boiler to compensate for changes in outdoor temperature. As the sensor adjusts the heating completely automatically, residents can be blissfully unaware of outside temperature changes but still save on their energy bills. The technology is widely used throughout Europe with 60 per cent of properties relying on the energy saving device.

As well as appearing in print and online titles, the campaign was brought to life on the radio, by television broadcaster and builder Tommy Walsh. Walsh appeared on stations including BBC Three Counties and Heat Essex, sharing the research findings and presenting weather compensation as one of many ways homeowners can save money and boost the efficiency of the heating systems in their homes.

“This is typically a busy time of year for installers as the autumn weather rolls in, and our campaign brings up-to-the-minute heating systems technology to the forefront of homeowners’ minds. It’s our hope that when they switch on their heating for the first time this autumn, weather compensation and the savings it can offer will come into their minds.”

Weather compensation controls can be activated on all new Viessmann domestic boilers by simply connecting the optional sensor accessory and can be retrofitted to all past Viessmann models, as the controlling software is built into the boiler control already.