Vitoligno 300-P biomass boiler’s larger ash box cuts emptying by more than half

Innovations to German manufacturer’s range of automatic biomass boilers allow longer emptying intervals and eliminate fly ash, appealing to domestic customers

Viessmann has launched updates to its range of automatic biomass boilers that drastically reduce the maintenance associated with ash by-products, making Vitoligno a simple, clean renewable heating option for UK households.

The company has increased the ash box size of all six output models in the Vitoligno 300-P range by 30 per cent. This means end-users need only empty the ash box once per season, compared to up to three times previously.

Viessmann’s engineers have also redesigned the ash draw’s shape and height to make it easier to open.

“Biomass is a proven renewable technology, but it is often overlooked in the domestic market because of its’ associated maintenance requirements. The modifications to the Vitoligno 300-P range enable it to compete with less maintenance-reliant renewable heating technologies, such as solar and heat pumps; and render it a viable option for a greater variety of customers,”

says Christian Engelke, technical director of Viessmann Limited.

The new boilers – available with outputs from 4 to 48 kW – also act to reduce fly ash, which can contaminate heating surfaces, reducing unit efficiency and forcing the need for more regular cleaning. Fly ash is eliminated in the updated range thanks to a reduced fan speed, lambda probe technology and the enlarged ash tray; all serve to improve ash circulation by helping the dust drop from the combustion chamber more readily.

“These enhancements make the Vitoligno 300-P range easier to maintain and more efficient in the way it works,”

says Engelke.

“For example, the system is now more flexible when it comes to burning pellets which are of lower quality than others, as it is able to more efficiently handle the dust which typically comes with every delivery.

The Vitoligno pellet boiler is CO2 neutral and ideal for detached and two-family houses. Pellet boilers are characterised by high efficiency, reliability and easy operation. In the top model, the Vitoligno 300-P, practically everything has been automated – from fuel charging to cleaning the heating surfaces

“As the DECC has just increased the payments available under the Renewable Heat Premium Payments for biomass to £2000, this is a great time for installers to raise awareness of how end-users can really benefit from this technology.”

All new models retain the proven energy-efficient features of the Vitoligno 300-P range, such as fully automatic cleaning at least once a day to guarantee complete fuel utilisation and consistently high efficiency of up to 86 per cent.

Alongside Viessmann’s heat pumps and gas or oil boilers up to 150 kW, the biomass boilers are compatible to be used with the new Viessmann fully automatic hydraulic balancing kit. The Vitosoft 300 service software and an extension set, which includes a high-efficiency pump, adapter, and flexible connecting cables along with the flow rate sensor, are all that is required to deliver up to 15 per cent fuel savings compared to systems which are not balanced and a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions.