Whitesales mechanical smoke ventilation systems offer complete package

In keeping with the requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document B Volume 2, smoke ventilation systems from Whitesales aid the safe escape of occupants from multi-occupancy buildings while giving firefighters critical time to bring a blaze under control.

Mechanical smoke ventilation systems (MSVS) offer distinct advantages over natural ventilation. Whitesales’ MSVS have been developed using the latest technology to provide the highest level of energy and carbon efficiency for virtually any size or type of building. Creation of a smoke-free layer above the floor is achieved by removing it using the natural buoyancy of hot gases to rise and exhaust through high level vents whilst introducing replacement fresh air via low level inlets.

Because of their higher performance, MSVS can be installed in buildings that contain travel distances in the common corridor that extend beyond the 7.5 m recommended in BS 9991:2011.Use of a smoke extract shaft in such a system provides substantial space savings as, although typically 0.5m² or 0.6m², they can be as small as 0.25m². By serving the common corridor and/or lobby, when smoke is detected only the fire damper to the smoke shaft on the fire floor will open (all other dampers will remain locked shut). The vent at the head of the staircase opens, the fan at the top of the shaft extracting smoke and preventing its migration into adjacent compartments.

Whitesales provide a complete smoke extraction system service including design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance. The company’s expertise has led to involvement in ground-breaking projects throughout the UK, helping to make it a recognised authority and provider of support to architects to maximise saleable floor area and minimise maintenance costs.