Aico complete the EIC Race Across Europe challenge

Over the past three weeks, Aico colleagues have participated in a virtual Race  Across Europe, completing 1,606 miles in support of the Electrical Industries Charity  (EIC). 

The EIC is a charity supporting those within the electrical industry, with a focus on  wellbeing and mental health, as well as offering support on matters such as family  issues, financial worries or health and disability. 

Aico have a long-standing commitment to their support of the EIC. In 2018, the EIC  were Aico’s Charity of the Year, and colleagues have frequent fundraising days in  aid of the fantastic work the EIC do for their industry. As part of Aico’s continued support, they have recently completed the EIC’s Race Across Europe challenge. 

In the Race Across Europe, Aico competed against other businesses in the industry in a race to reach seven check points across the continent. Teams were able to cycle,  swim, walk or run in a bid to be on the winners’ podium on Friday 18th June.  

Competing for Aico was Managing Director – Neal Hooper, Commercial and Finance  Director – Matthew Small, Product Development Manager – Michael Wright,  Operations Manager – Lee Duffy and close friend, Alan Lewis of Adrenaline Sporting  Events. The team successfully reached the London, Prague, Zurich and Holland 

checkpoints, completing a total of 1,606 miles. 

The team came a triumphant 2nd place, completing the challenge in three weeks out  of the allotted seven, whilst coming together with other electrical businesses to raise over £14,000 for the EIC and people within their sector.  

Michael Wright commented, ‘The EIC Race Across Europe has been a fantastic  challenge. The team have walked, ran and cycled through all weathers to complete  the 1,606 miles distance in three weeks. It’s been fantastic to be able to support our  industry charity, the EIC, and we thank all our supporters who have been so  generous with their donations.’ 

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